14 August 2011


So they maybe found flowing water on Mars.

The little kid inside of me is all clenched fists and jumping up and down.

I want to go there.

Aerology 8/14

Mercury quickly

Venus and its crimson light
its love handles
and crushing tilting landscape

Picture Earth and its blueness
its whiteness and its swirling axis
the moon that may have been two moons

The life teeming on the surface
in the water and air
in the circling ring of satellites

Picture Mars
that soft red halo of troposphere
glowing against the darkness of space

There are the white ends of the planet
crystalline and blinking
the yellow of the sun

Jupiter large and marbled
collecting moons and scars
unblinking endless

Bathe in the gray of it
the soup of it
hear the crackle of the lightening

Picture Saturn tilting rings into Uranus
and its blue and green like oil and water

Neptune and its secret rings

Pluto Ceres Haumea Makemake Eris
at the outer edges and so much more besides

Picture them alone out there
marbles on the floor
shooting toward center

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