18 August 2011


Breatharian 8/18

Diet Coke is liquid light
A Quarter-Pounder with Cheese has a 'base frequency'

Come and sit at the base of the Bodhi Tree allow the sun to nourish you
Just a moment of it and your eyes will close and a path will form

Let's not make light of the Buddha or the boy Bomjon
Though they may be light

There is plenty room in the universe for things unexplained
And the power of a cheeseburger and Buddha alike may be true

Take in the air of New York City and feel it rock around your lungs
It is diamond-hard and cracking like old paint

Feel the wind off the ocean hit you like a slap to the face
Breathe deeply and often and you can feel yourself sustain

Wiley Brooks believes he could survive without food
If only this world wasn't so corrupted that he needs the pollution

Of a McDonald's Happy Meal a Diet Coke a Slurpee and Twinkies
So that he is on par with the vibrations around him

And maybe that is the truth
And maybe the tree's leaves shake like that because it is laughing

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