29 March 2016

Poem-A-Day #29 : Second Life

Second Life

I gave him dark green pants and a brocade vest
          I think the shirt was muddy brown - loose fitting - linen
                    Lace up shoes and then we were standing on an outcropping that
overlooked a great rocky valley          everything green and white and tree-covered
Do you remember the signs          We walked down a long trail
passing by them - they had paper pinned to them
          curling at the edges - the words were blurred were gray were script about how to walk
                     how to move in the space - walk further          faster          careful
                     The world is populated
                     There are others walking this path          ahead is a mass of gray
                               you expect it to be castles          it is skyscrapers
           Buildings labeled Embassy - University - Nightclub -
           Who is there today -
                                                                        Aside from the empty space
                                                              and the pixels.

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