05 July 2016

Poem-A-Day #127 : Ode to Rain

I attempted to to turn this not a real ode into a real ode. Sort of.

The Original :

Ode To The Figure (4/15/99)

Through the dense fog
a figure moves.

The blinded moon
watched as silently 
as it could.

Green-toed rains
creep in on mouse feet.

The clicking of H2O
forms into droplets
causes shelters to fill.

Through the dense fog
a figure stands there still.

Edit :

Ode to Rain

Through this wall-like fog a shrouded figure drifts
Bleached rags spindle in the darkness and light - The
green-toed rain creeps slantwise across the earth on silent mouse-like feet

The sound of clicking water forms into pear-
shaped droplets - Each being seeks a shelter
There is joy in damp as life flows from the figure's fingertips

Through the dense wall-like fog the figure stands vigil.

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