06 July 2016

Poem-A-Day #128 : Green

I was just as obsessed by colors and light as an 18 year old as I am as a 35 year old. Below the poem in my journal is one of my favorite bits of poetry. From David P. Young's The Man Who Swallowed A Bird:
Once I swallowed a bird,
felt like a cage at first, but now
sometimes my flesh flutters and I think
I could go mad for joy.

The original:

Green (3/17/99)

Calm, cool
The color of springtime country
Makes me long for tall grass
to run through
roll in
Lay and look at the sky
Surf the endless
fields of ocean
Calm, cool
Next to anything it is
Always relaxing
Nature in color

The edit:


Long for the tall grass - the shade of big land
the stalks - thick and whip-like

The sound of speed - of knee high by the fourth of July
the thickness of summertime maple leaves

The sky bleaches against all this boiling pigment
all of this dampness - this scent of grass

The most restful of states - run in it - let it stain your jeans
the feeling of wet - the prime of your life

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