06 August 2016

Poem-A-Day #159 : Wood (Part 6 : Trunks)

Wood (Part 6 : Trunks)

Pulling up that much history is difficult it has consequences :

I run my fingers over the coffee table : it is a splice of a tree trunk and exploded view of the insides of the tree : it has rusty metal legs it has bark clinging to the sides : it was my aunt's :

Unsealed it begins to gray and then dry and then nothing :

Other woods get oiled and filled and rubbed until they are smooth : the end tables that were my parent's get lemon oil on them once a year : it makes them warmer and they shine for days :

I polish the brass lamps until they too shine : my face begins to distort in the bent light of the surface :

The picture frame falls and breaks the wood was cheap but it looks like splintered tree trunks : dangerous like teeth :

Let's put this all back together :

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