11 August 2016

Poem-A-Day #164 : Wood (Part 11 : Wheat)

This is Part 11. Read Part One HERE.

Wood (Part 11 : Wheat)

Wood is culpable : even in its own destruction : the trees fill in until there isn't room for more or even for what is there already : think about those pine trees edging out the aspen : trees are unloyal :

They burn too easily split until they become tables where people play Settlers of Cataan :

Here is some wheat :

The fields spread out before me and I begin to dig until I find the graveyard of the trees : the stone-like slabs veined and unbreaking : they are marble : they are red and gray and yellow : cool and against your cheek :

The statue in the chapel stares from its pedestal the cold eyes look into the stone room and chill the air around it : its face is missing is worn to the quick is all grain and wishes of hope :

Hope is a seed hanging on the branch waiting :

Here is some wheat : a promise of the future that may come if the rain is good and the winds are good and the seed isn't bad and the fields are rich :

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