26 September 2016

Poem-A-Day #210 : How Best to Prepare

How Best to Prepare

There is no backpack full of things that can make the going easier
this is a Mt Everest of a house it is strewn with bodies they line the path are signs
they are mile markers

Young wide dead in the driveway
Young wife dead in a fall
Young wife dead in consumption
Old daughter dead in pneumonia
Young heiress dead in suicide

All this rimmed in gold
we have no name for it
there is no name for it
it is not a broken dish to be sewn back together

Mad in its birth this deranged house is a shard of glass in your eye

There is no preparation no amount of oxygen therapy
to get you to the top

Burn it down find a way to burn things already burnt and burn it again
then sow the ground with salt

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