28 September 2016

Poem-A-Day #211 : The Relaxation

The Relaxation

     Around the fire
          we tell stories about the history of chess - about the moment when
a building grew out of the earth and tried to reach the clouds

Our toes are making shapes - the carpet would be plush
     there would be brandy and talk of bridges
          boredom and preamble - there would be moments of sleepiness

          This is the part of the movie before
the man in the mask grabs the woman asleep in the sleepingbag
     and slams her against the trunk of a tree until she is pulp

     The moment before Kevin Bacon's neck
          is pierced cleanly by the metal tip of an arrow -
and that arrow will sit there eternally - never disintegrate - not once be moved

No one tells those stories - everyone is breathing and hoping they will not come
the span of time is infinite - is the opening credits of some film about death

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