30 December 2016

Poem-A-Day #305 : Shirts


There are nights where the monsters in the closet are real

The open mouth of breathing becomes too embodied in the darkness

Those shirts that hung on a body only moments ago contain too much memory to be lifeless rags

To hang a shirt properly you should button it on the hanger - allow it to fill itself - hold shape

This also keeps them from escaping

The open window is too much a tempt - they would go - leaves from the tree - and they would find a wind to sail them because shirts know what you know

There are noises in there

The scent of skin and his skin and your unshowered self and the pancakes from breakfast

The stains of it are all over the place - teeth on paper leaving the indents of canines - they are flapping their tubular limbs and trying to un hook the hangers

They are attempting to smother

Try to picture a moment without monsters - closet or under bed - it is difficult perhaps impossible - did you make the right decision yesterday - was the adulting up to par - how about the grinning spectre of death

True to purpose - these things are a cover

They are warm when needed - soft as well

They find their sharpness in the pins left on accident - the button that always falls off

To you they look for forgiveness of what they did in your name

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