23 June 2010


Bumper 6/23

And the Kinder
Surprise is in my hand
The white and orange foil
a dried leaf in my fingers
It smells the same
it did when I was 8 and
it probably only cost 10p
at some corner post office
The melting chocolate
is better than my first sex
Which was not very
good to be honest
The milk and white
melt the same as always
Slow breaking of the seam
reveals the same
strange colored plastic yolk
I raise it examine it
try to figure out what
might be inside
            It is never what
            you think it is
                        One time I was probably 9
                        my mother broke the eggs
                        over the pan and it was all
                        feathers and blood one
                        unopened eye purpling in the
                        hot grease
I pull apart the halves
it is a witch a magnetic broom
As you push her across a
table the sweeper runs away
The last toy I remember
was a frog that hopped
The toys are always things
that move away from you
The Kinder Surprise
is that you never are closer
then when you have it
in your mouth

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