21 June 2010


There is a small hat shop near my apartment.

It is always filled with the most amazing hats in the most amazing colors.

Millinery 6/21

The ladies wear large hats to church
Inside the shop there is a lime upturned brim
These doors never open they reflect your face
We discuss the use of such gigantic 'ugly' hats
Though I covet the lime upturned brim daily
A little lime upturned brim makes any life sweeter
That much less repeating gray
Like these streets flushing in front of the apartments
The sad little trees with peeling bark sickly leaves
Hundreds of pigeons goose-stepping pavement
It's not that this city is deadened
It's just constantly weeping mercury
Constantly shedding
A snake with a box full of skins in a closet
Our brims are stiff we are always fresh and new
But little is lime upturned brim
The ladies all wear their large hats to church
Worshipping in these non-gray ways

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