26 June 2010


Perfuse 6/26

air slides in this turquoise lung
Burns phosphorescence            a silver fire-work
            down the rue obscure of asphyxia
            Eyes go white
turn into mother-of-pearl
and beat themselves trapped sparrows on Titanics
                                    Arms go numb first
            then the trunk creeps inward
Feeling that layering go icicle            Slow terror
                        of warmth leaking into not warmth
            This solid breathing flange
                                                this rusty bellows
There is a crawl
a spider over the carpet            shadow
on the tiled world
An image of lovers embracing on film
Then of lead-filled limbs in Auvillar
It shifts to light                        filtered through water
                                    before that too fades from dog
                        into wolf

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