18 August 2010


Firmness 8/18

Sisyphus is digging his heels into too soft ground

We are watching a slide show of your childhood
            this is the part where you face a past while dancing with a future

Hands at 2 and 10 – 2 and 10 – are you watching that semi
            because it’s coming over here whether you move or not

His shoes are up to the Achilles in mud

You are on a flat plane – the car is in neutral and you are drifting forward

It is a waltz maybe or tango possibly
            but you are young and dancing and hopefilled

The plane is tilting – everything is rolling backwards – the way it all came

It is an orchestra – the fluting is your heartbeat is the sound of drums
            here is the part you realize the movements are endless repeating

He makes it to the top he begins again