08 August 2010


This is based in the memory of a 19 year-old being beaten not far from where I lived in Santa Fe.

The papers filled with how he was gay. His business, etc... The opinion of the city was very much in his favor, but there was a strange homophobic underlay.

Noisome 8/8

There is that bloodstain again
Why doesn’t monsoon rain wash away faggot blood?
My street is dust filled and the arroyos are filling too
            but this stain is dark and wet looking

The violence of the gunshot the head kick the hand to jaw
They are painting the street again
Yellow lines and white lines over pooling congeal
            but the dust is too much makes it go brown

I watch them smooth out the black asphalt
Cover everything over again and again
The pain is so new that it reflects and pains the eyes
            but it is no mirror

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