07 August 2010

Old Economy

Old Economy 8/6

In that dream with the fish swimming in the air that were incidental but beautiful
we paid for everything with tow nails painted to look like pearls
The soft folding calcite turning almost mercury under the paint and polish
Some would put holes in them, string a necklace to show off their wealth
in the sun, they glinted like teeth after a cleaning

In that dream with the boats that hovered just a centimeter off the water
we were buying yards of blue fabric that had thin traces of Byzantium copper woven in
In the sunlight they moved in green patterns across the surface, like fish
in coral reefs off of Australia
You could hear fire in there screaming along with advancing armies

We walked the bazzar, tried on fake gold crowns, and bartered for a set of spoons
with our initials on them in inlaid purples
In that dream with the clouds piling up like chocolate ice cream and whipping cream
we watched the rain fall in endless slow motion, dying before it reached the ground
We managed to save our nails by painting them burgundy and wearing Chuck Taylors

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