01 May 2011


The corset is a fascinating bit of fashion. It was first popularized as a figure flattener. The idea was to create a stiff cone shaped torso that matched the shape of a dress. Modern corsets tend to be used for lingerie or for fetishes.

There are of course the Dita Von Teese's of the world, who are using the corset to advance a sort of throwback pinup look.

Alexander McQueen loved the corseted look. He used padding in many of his dresses to achieve the look without attempting to cinch an already tiny waist. A model really can't be corseted anyway. What would get cinched? What would be pushed up?

The Metropolitan Museum is opening a McQueen retrospective next week called Savage Beauty. Vogue ran a preview in the May issue. Tom and Lorenzo havve kindly uploaded those pictures here.

Of course the corset also radically altered a woman's internal organs. They caused many bone, stomach, posture, etc. problems. And still do today.

I have to say that the idea of being wrapped in boning and tied up for beauty, while certainly savage, is also appealing.

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            breath quickly
take another



tight            laces            tight


            going to look
amazing your waist will
be so damn small

take a sip of water

you can’t eat until it’s off




top            of            the            lung
it’s about
                        to get


  1. Like.

    Also, love McQueen.

  2. You should get the book. It's only $45 and is insanely beautiful. The show runs until July...you could hop a train to NY and we could go see it.