29 May 2011


I love unsolved mysteries.

I also love unsolved history. Rosslyn Chapel was featured in the Da Vinci Code. A book that is not the type of thing I'm talking about.

I'm talking about the real mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel. Mysteries like the weird angels and symbols covering the arches that two men think are a secret piece of music.

I'm talking about the weird case of Taman Shud and the Somerton Man :

Pencil-neck 5/29

In spring
a houri-like sweetheart
fingers a cup of wine
at the edge of a cornfield
If I mention any other Paradise
I'd be worse than a dog
helpless in this game
upon this board

The Moving Finger writes
continues on its way
leaving only empty branches
in winter
No piety nor wit
can cancel half a line
and all the tears
couldn’t wash a word of it

Taman shud

The glass would be empty
save for speculation
Earth could not answer
nor the Seas that mourn
The body of the Somerton Man
Death riddle without name:

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