12 September 2012

ReWrite : Monogenic

I am in England until Monday. Here is an experiment. First is the original poem from September 2010:

Monogenic (chair) 9/11/12

A rightful sit an upright solid thing filling with light and flesh

Dead tree you are carved up and stoic in your cage

Smooth from asses worn until dirty and never washed

Chair you are a rain spotted site a fresh filled meadow covered in dung

An essay on resting

And now the new one, which has nothing to do with the original:

Monogenic 9/12/12

The parallel world is that oblong mirror behind the door
hanging - like a picture frame - angling your finely-tuned self

You look like a dead man

          from a tree - feet swinging like that woman in that painting

Do you kick your shoes the same ?

Here - here - press your finger to the cool glass and wait
as the door swings shut - that creaking is the breath of that
other universe

When the lights are off and your clothes hung in the closet
and the A/C hums along with the cicadas in the trees

That running along side of this but never intersecting world
picks at your locks - turns on your faucets - reaches with fingertips
and opens your eyelids - just enough - to see

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