05 October 2012

THIS! 10/5/12

THIS! on October 5th, 2012

FACT! In 1582 there was no October 5th in Italy, Poland, Portugal, or Spain due to the implementation of the Gregorian calendar.

1) Betaville

Betaville is a project by Brooklyn Experimental Media Center. The project is an open-source city planner program that allows anyone to fill in and experiment with open spaces in large urban areas. Right now there is one for New York.

Battery Park of the FUTURE!

The platform allows people to improve each others designs and to play Sim City for real. The hope is to influence and shape real world urban development. I would love to see some of their designs implemented, even half-assed they would be better than most of what exists now.

2) Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Founded in 1848 by William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti this group is widely considered the first 'avant-garde' art movement. The idea was to return to a pre-Raphael style of sharp detail and bright color. They were widely criticized for being medieval. Charles Dickens declared Millais' Christ in the House of His Parents (1850) blasphemous, making the holy family look like 'alcoholics and slum-dwellers'. Oh Dickens, you very British man you.

Working class = alcoholic slum-dweller

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