12 April 2016

Poem-A-Day #43 : Drake & Fermi

Drake & Fermi

          There must        
                            be hotline bling          in the universe
                    And we must be able to quantify that

I see what you did there - and the unanswered call is the one where your mother tells you your father was in an accident and is dead is gone is nevercomingback...
                                                  Let's be clear about the emptiness of space - the drifting tilting tombs of the big bang that can never reflect anything but their nothingness...
                 It's fucking empty

                                                                     The equation of leaving the city
                                 that is the earth
                                                        The math of going out more - meeting new people

                Tell me that SETI doesn't want a friend to call when that accident happens

It all breaks apart if anyone picks up the phone -
                                                            leaves a message or -
                                        emails an out of the office notice
                                                                           Maybe there's a signpost - a sort of neon club sign that is suddenly in view at some as yet unattained step - do we even know the steps - the
                                                                                                                                    o        s
                                                                                                                                       v  e

                            Your {The R/The L} feet - they are melting as they near the horizon
                   as they become fodder for the cow of the universe {black hole]

          It's sad to see this           it can only mean one thing
                                                                                                    the crashed car unfolds itself
the station to station of our talking echoes into the heavens
                                                                                                  the sound of Motorola
                                        and that guy from that commercial asking if you can hear him now -

Source - LIGO Collaboration

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