17 April 2016

Poem-A-Day #49 : A B C Do Everything Different Than You Are

A B C Do Everything Different Than You Are

Anger rises up in the gut it
begins in the pit - green and

During this - nothing will make sense
everyone in the vicinity will
fall at the stench of it

Grandiose much ?
Hell and primroses are more fearsome
inch worms are more dangerous

Just shut up about your ennui - it's boring
King ego was never that interesting - the
lining of an old suitcase is more interesting

More of those poems about trees - people liked those
no one cares about Nikola Tesla
or his dead brother or your obsession with them

Perhaps the gay stuff could get published - the
queers are so in
right now anyway - at least - until they aren't

So many words -
they pile
until they topple over - until nothing holds - not
very long anyway

What is the weather like - what is the time - your
X marking your place in the world - this is what they want

Yielding to our histories only begets histories - a
Z where we all fall asleep to the sound of your buzzing

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