08 July 2016

Poem-A-Day #130 : Boxed Storm

This was written 16 years ago today. I think my intent was to talk about the self as a sort of container for our swirling emotions and egos. I've decided that it's also clearly a mirror...

Original :

Boxed Storm (7/8/00)

Solid white vision
of a black box
polished crimson
in a purple light

Seamless edge
blue stone inlay
a rose or lilly

Reflection of self
imposed on the surface

Cold to touch
inside glowing white

Edit :

Boxed Storm

There are eyes here
they imagine themselves on the surface of a great box

Cold to the touch
the seams are red with welding the interior a blur of noise

We could call this a real thing
that it represents a soul or some intangible self

The face reflected on it
It is mine and yours and ours

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