17 July 2016

Poem-A-Day #139 : Mission

I had a tendency to write pieces that were about the physical journal being written in. A sort of meta-commentary on the act of writing in a journal itself.

The journal in question
This was compounded by the fact that most of my early journals came from the racks at Barnes & Noble. Their journal selection was, and is, a bit...silly. Endless books covered in flowers and "cute" things. I always went for the odder ones.

This is a piece about the journal I had early in 1999. It was my graduating from high school journal. And this is about its cover.

Mission (6/5/99)

The heat has bleached the sky to a heavy cream color
A heavy oak black-latched door
All the glass in this place warps that beauty for its own reasons
The smell of a thousand mildews
Iridescent copper giant turning green ogre of testament in the corner
A lone tree against the endless yellow eyes

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