17 April 2010


I'm in Pennsylvania at my parent's place for a week.

The world suddenly remembered it is April and the temperature dropped to the mid-40s after a CRAZY storm with rain, wind, sleet and hail. It snowed to the north.

April in effect y'all. It is the cruelest month after all.

I am fascinated by plants that bloom before they get leaves. Dogwood, magnolia, hawthorn. It's something to do with the long limbs holding a single flower. Like some sort of peace offering after winter. An attempt to calm the weather down and ask forgiveness of the showiness of summer.

Here is a poem about all that eye-candy.

Clustered 4/17

The hands are holding - fingers like
pear blushed magnolia - letting go - reconnecting

And like other leafless flowering plants
bodies slowly open their coats - leave their torsos
exposed to the soft rain

Witch hazel bursts against brick walls - shocks - leaves
after images on the eye

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