12 April 2010


Mansion 4/12

            - cornered in while painting
stairwells (labyrinths)
What you said then right
after that holding brush to sky
(some colossus you!) you said that
this place was becoming you
that you are birds in a gilded cage
life trapped in tile vintage fabric
period furniture it was a metaphor
a job you don't
like a task in front of you (large
rock rolls down then you push
it back up, right?) of course
you were painted in by windows of
course the window is painted shut -

Large plane of space flapping open from a doorway

An error in landscape

Sudden temples and hellonearth

If I said this was a rope
of fourteens, would that make sense?

It is.

A series of stations lapping themselves
Right here by the desk is where we
fight over the bills mounting.

Rememeber by the window? You, paint.

It's a ghost of hanging.

            - outside you're covered
from head to toe in pinkish
blandness (it's period appro-
priate) straddling the tree hose
attacking messes the dog is
running away is back is gone
and what of the cage?
door open insects attack the wet
paint like sugar paste
(it very well might be)
your eyes are looking like windows
covered in plastic that boarded
up mansion that blackened
store the smell of ancient sandals
standing at the mouth of a sea
a beacon sound of wind -

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