23 April 2010


This is about a small dragon brooch I saw on display at the Brooklyn Museum.

I'm fascinated by enamel. It has something to do with the way light reflects off of it. The odd translucence of it. It looks like you can swim in it.

Dragon 4/23

In the sand - trail of breadcrumbs
n the shape of snake tracks - all
shadow light and sine wave

Follow these little feet
down the dunes - into
the dunes - under

There buried to the eaves -
cathedral - sneaking - filled
with candle-light and incense

Enamel scales set wetly deep green
swampland - Everglades - something else - moss

Dripping filigree forming polygonal shapes
graphite offset - random burns

One blazing sapphire eye
the other - dark - worm guano

Glass podium of staring
Small hand prints smudge the edges
It sits some forgotten bending dragon
Jointed tail freezing under art focused lights

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