03 July 2010


Drollery 7/3

At the back of the eye - pulsing
            crimson splash of headache
            bursting slo-mo vein
            stretching the length of a lifetime

There's the feeling that this has to be manageable
            that you have to - keep the demons on the page
            trapped between the mark here - and the
            one traveling off the margins

Labyrinthitis - sudden vortex suck
            this is the pain of leaves in the eusophogus
            crunching catching - the mildew
            of thinking

Then what becomes of the life
            that attempts to take the paper
            fold it into a houseboat and sail - headlong
            into coming storms - make it reality

What inner Minotaur searches - inner
            catacombs and oubliettes
            What inner Minos
            rolls up all trace of thread

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