01 July 2010


Non-smoking 7/1

The haze over the city blinks pink
and the pink is masking lightening
The pop of the green fireworks
ignites the air around lower Manhattan
I walk through the thickness
a light wet on my arm slicking me
I'm knifing down Sterling Place
and watching the booming in the clouds
So like war tapes on the news
and I imagine that I'm in a terrified future
that the streets are blackened
by tire tracks and glue
The gunmen stalk alleyways and disappear
the mothers and sisters in hoods
At night when I am asleep
the vampires of this future come into
my room and splinter the edges of
my door frame
They rub it down to smooth and
create reflection in the roundness
They unhinge the battlements of dreaming
and cannon until morning

1 comment:

  1. Smoking should not be done by pregnant womans it could lead to abortion.