08 July 2010


I'm back from England. I took a day to relax. This is yesterday's poem.

A woman came into my cafe one morning at 8:00 and started drinking wine. She had 3 glasses and kept talking about her husband who would be there in a moment. A little over an hour passed and she began to talk about how he had said he was parking the car.

She left and never came back.

Unlikeness 7/7

Ju-just calm down
he’s coming

Watching her like you do
Waiting for the angries to begin – shake
up her spine like a tingle of winter
Some cold metal on your inner thigh – a gun
or maybe a knife

He’s ju- just parking
we had a fight

Streets empty – you know how it is
it’s early in the morning – the wine
looks like cranberry juice
Half of two glasses – swirling in
There’s that sound of AC and fans

Loo-ook I
need a cigarette

Door open – shut – it’s hot outside
only 8 in the morning
I’m just saying that I’m not drinking this early
not that I wouldn’t
or that I haven’t thought about it

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