01 November 2011

I Love A Rainy Night

November is going to be a month of change for me. I will be finishing up a long stay in northern New Mexico and returning jobless to New York City. In an effort to stay upbeat about this I have dubbed it PHASE 2 of my so-called long term life plan.

So. I am changing the format of the poems!

For November I present a series of villanelles based on the songs that were #1 on my birthday each year so far. The repeating lines are actual lines from the songs and I will link to the music video or live performance where I can.

I think the songs say something about my life, personality, relationships. The poems...

I Love A Rainy Night (Eddie Rabbit 1981) 11/1

Watch the lightening
Count until the thunder hits
Taste the rain on my lips

And taste it again
Resist looking in my eyes
Watch the lightening

I’m soaking you are too
There may be some dry over here
Taste the rain on my lips

What would it take
Get you out of your clothes
Watch the lightening

Down on the ground
In this muddy grass
Taste the rain on my lips

Take the dirt into mouth
Lock fingers in orgasm
Watch the lightening
Taste the rain on my lips

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