13 November 2011


Informer (Snow 1993) 11/13

Now they blow down my door, these aliens
They look up my bottom, they need answers, they ask
through my window

if I know the secrets of man
I do not, I say so, I laugh, tell them that they cannot be aliens
Now they blow down my door

Apparently their costumes should fool me. They are not kids
pretending, they are full-grown men. They toss me
through my window

I land on grass, another in bug eyes probes me
points to others dressed in black
Now they blow down my door

I hear them shuffle my things and scare my cat
what do you do naked in the cold with tweezers up your ass
Through my window

I see them light it all on fire
to rid evidence of abduction, now I’m in a car, blindfolded and tied
They blow down the door
through the window I went

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