27 November 2011

This Is Why I'm Hot

This Is Why I'm Hot (MIMS 2007) 11/27

They ask me how I do it
Where my mind comes from
I got that fire

In my belly I see the ocean : the sun is setting : everything is going
from liquid to solid : the caps are shifting emerald : foam everywhere
They ask me how I do it

I pull that into me : take the caps of the sea and breathe it
Here is the salt in my veins staining my heart : here a fish-bone knife
I got that fire : split my chest

Let is pump on the table a moment : the mirrors will reflect only blank
light and empty rooms : the curtains are limp broken skin
They ask me how I do it : I take hostages of myself

Roam the sand bar and count the threshing grasses : how many were
green and how many were bleached white ?
I got that fire

And it consumes me more then it could you : ocean thick
breaking : particles float satellites about the earth of my brain
They ask me how I do it
I got that fire

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