14 April 2016

Poem-A-Day #45 : Vacation


I want to put lime blossoms in my hair
          linen robe against the breeze - there could be volcanos on the horizon
      but tonight - there is a softness to everything that hides the concern

The comet last night - it was a knife ripping open the sky like a zipper
      she lowered her robe and it would be day
          if only the petals didn't hide the sun in their raincloud storm

Here is a breakdown - I pull the jeans back on
          finish the last of the margarita - it is warm and watery and tastes like metal
      the salt aching my dental work

I will leave you here to dream about your apocalypse - it could be so fun
      us in our pink outfits tossing roses to the masses -
          I lock you in the room - drop the key in the planter at the elevator

I night myself and enter the breeze of spring - the dirt spinning over me
I want to put lime blossoms in my hair - I settle for ashes form what is left of us

Source - GHR2009

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