15 April 2016

Poem-A-Day #46 : The 46th Day

The 46th Day

A meteor explodes over Russia
& the USS Maine explodes
                                             sinking to the bottom of Havana Harbour
                                   & the United States goes to war with Spain

                         & it is
                               the largest object to invade the planet
                    since the last meteor that exploded over Russia

In Milwaukee
Jeffery Dahmer goes to prison for life
                              & he does die there his body pulped by a 20 inch pipe

& somewhere Galileo & Chris Farley are born & Owen Willans Richardson dies
                    his theory transmits the heat from static shock
                              to meteor
                                   to the Maine's decks

To the center of your eye

to this small dark room in Santa Fe

          where you tell me you are leaving us

                    where there is stop in the spin of the earth

                              where the coyotes wait outside the gates to scrap

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