19 April 2016

Poem-A-Day #50 : The Skye Terrier (Queen Mary)

The Skye Terrier (Queen Mary)

What was the thought process - the former Queen walking to her death with a terrier in her petticoats - was the dog so normal against her legs that she didn't think to leave him - and how did it get by the guards the man with the axe the crowd beyond the scaffold -

And after - when the dog wrapped itself in her dress and refused - and became bathed in her blood - the royality of that baptism - a terrier saturated until the color of her sleeves - after - was the dog able to stare into the faces of politicians and not flinch -

They burned everything that her blood touched - the block her head rested on - the gold-embroidered mask across her had to be hacked off twice head - the dress and the wood of the platform - all in the fireplace until ashes were all that remained -

And it makes one ask about the dog - they supposedly washed it - they supposedly kept hold of its trembling loneliness - one can assume - until it died from the chill of living outside the coats of a Queen

A Skye Terrier - Source: Wikipedia

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