11 May 2016

Poem-A-Day #72 : NPC


She smiles and points at the shelves of books
it's all very game show of her - and her arm is outstretched
and her face is smiling and there is a stone room with a fireplace
sending smoke up a chimney - there is food on the table
there is a dog sleeping nearby

She is frozen - waiting - you stare at the row of objects
the spines are dull colors no knowledge is revealed

          Buy or Sell ?

It's complicated by the desire to know more about her
about the small table with the single bowl of food - the
dog how old is it - is she alone - on purpose - you imagine
a life for her where she is happily here and it refuses to sad
but the creeping terror of broken homes hovers

A silent sort of air over the space - her frozen smile
communicating so little

In the end you won't want anything - does that please her
will she cry herself to sleep with no money for her rent

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