16 May 2016

Poem-A-Day #77 : Mediations on Water Forms

Mediations on Water Forms

I'm afraid of water :

          the ambiguity of space - sound - the lack of feelings beneath it :
there is an inherent voidness - it is rolling glass

In the photo the iceberg has just turned over
revealing its Coke bottle undersides - polished by the salt

                    within hours the surface will crack in the cold - will cover in snow :

          I pray for smoothness


          the crack of cold air on wet surface :

light penetrates regularly only to 200 meters
between 200 and 1000 meters is the twilight zone - photosynthesis ceases and then at 1000 it all goes black - the midnight zone is where things go blind - eyeless - colorless :

                              the octopus can stand on it's tentacles
                         spread out its skin - this is called the Nosferatu pose :

          at some point I remember being able to float

          that first time - it was like a stomach turning upside down

          and I was scared shitless :

there is some sort of spreading out - a blackness - ink-like
                    polished in its opaqueness - purpling in the sunset :

whiskey over cubes - the sound

Source - Alex Cornell

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