04 May 2016

Poem-A-Day #65 : The Body

The Body

Glitter in the blood - on the pavement - an oil slick of confetti

This is the pooling of every beaten queer body - it bleeds until the sidewalk looks like an 80s music video and the world is tinted in purple and light

Watch it die

                    It is an animal with its neck broken

You are sitting at the dinner table and see it before you hear it - the queer is a bird is going to hit the window - is going to leave a mark

It is the wet slap of a towel in a bathhouse on the floor of the shower

And it is on your dinner table

                    On your child's plate - they will eat it

The newscaster is dancing around the subject of the body in the gutter

The people walking by - the metallic flow from the mouth - a swarm of flies diffusing in the night they will attack the moon down

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