18 May 2016

Poem-A-Day #79 : Sexy Poem

Sexy Poem

The challenge was to write about sex in a way that was thoughtful - that pressed against the sides of its box and filled the space with a marshmallow softness that was enough to leave indentations where your head rested - and what would that sex look like - would it involve ropes or feathers - the sun comes through here at exactly 2:36 will you please have your clothes off at 2:20 so we're fully in it by then - how does sex get expressed in a new way - why sex how sex when sex - do you sex - if this finger presses gently against your pubis is that sex - what if it lifts you into the air - sex crumbles under the weight of thinking about it - it is stone and fingernails pressed in drying sugar - would it involve cardboard houses and barrels of oil - hands floating over skin - did you cut your nails did you shave your chest - cover your eyes while this happens - the sheets are good cover - the darkness of the blindfold will concrete your senses - look the writing about sex is boring - the sex is boring - put in and then rotate - again - again - again - it's a pick - a spatula - it we underquote it will convey dirty - like ,,this,, - no - yes - the challenge was to write - to sex - to do that together - was it coming -

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