31 May 2016

Poem-A-Day #92 : And I Can Say

And I Can Say

Above the bar - a sort of haze on the television
a sport with a ball -

I make the same joke I always do about sportsballs and no one laughs -

There is a slippery moment - when I think I am more in tune
with the people in the now - a sort of - haze envelopes me and
I can say the things I want to say -

Let's talk about being away from this room -

The lack of noise outside the cars on the road and the crickets in the grass -
it's a calming tone - we are told it is a calming tone - it is a calming tone -

You want me to be hysterical - depressive - to have razors against my flesh -

The sound of breathing - of thinking about a word for 'this is not sad'
that is also a word for 'the mist on a lake in California right before dawn' - it doesn't exist
it exists outside of this place - a sort of haze in the mind

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