23 June 2016

Poem-A-Day #115 : Poem for Thursday

Poem for Thursday

Can we all just agree that Thor is boring ?

Here - on the life-blood of fated men - paint your doors in crimson gore
the sun will beam black and everything will fallow treacherously

Or something like that - the end of gods - the twilight of myth
the sun setting over the hill on every damn thing created

Whether we want it to or not

Thursday is the turn day - the hinge - it is the day things will be decided
you will have to strike the hammer or not - what is being fashioned ?

Do you still seek to know ?

A wedder is a gambler

          A wether is a castrated goat

                    A bellwether is the sheep who leads the flock

Weather is what is happening right this moment

The serpent who circles itself around the equator and holds its own tail in its mouth is feeling tired - hungry for another kind of flesh - it is going to let go

And what ?

Thor in Hymir's boat battling the Midgard Serpent (1788) by Henry Fuseli

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