14 June 2016

Poem-A-Day #106 : After Isn't What We Were Promised (An Apocalypse)

After Isn't What We Were Promised (An Apocalypse)

skin is sticky :
there is a tear-stained face and a lot of dirt under your nails
               it's hard to imagine them clean :
the breeze is oddly motionless

sky the color of dirty wash water : if there were rain :
IF there were rain :
it would feel like bathwater

this is not to imply that all is lost :
                                                      though :

this is summer : or a facsimile of it :
there are only facsimiles :

you watch the video of the end again : a pixel is blanking on your device :
it is a tiny white eye : it wants to blink into color :
it is blind :
it knows its limitations and dunces

how many metaphors for 'that was the end and we knew it' can we find in one youtube video :

in the video a man stares into an abyss of water :
                                           water :
                                           a lost thing :
and then there is a cough : simple :
a reflex of the esophagus :
and then there is blood :

you know those zombie movies have it all wrong :
there is so little running : so little ability to run :
and to where :

that building over there where some people are also starving and dehydrated
or the one over there that's burnt to cinders

and what to do once you're there : sit in the brokenness : cry :
you don't have tears

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