28 June 2016

Poem-A-Day #120 : The 4Runner in the Arroyo

The 4Runner in the Arroyo

Broken tree limbs line the arroyo -

A sort of nest forms
          in this space - you are the egg
here             the sky lowers its
                    feathered ass right on down

This could get real new age in a second -
                     so -

You pull the collar up and brace for waves -

Does the burnt-out SUV pressed into the soil - forming
a wall for the dryness of this riverbed

Here - words become smoke -
shells popping on a battlefield -
          someday -
                    in the future -
poppies will red on this spot

Their spiny fuzzy heads will spin into tulle -

The small gnats of their seeds swarm against this space -
remind the SUV that it was once mobile -
red and full of gas -

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