01 March 2013

Meta Post

A short story of mine was published in KNACK. Go read it.

I have been so so so lazy with this blog lately. I try to not get too meta with my posts - you know posts about posting - but I am sorry for the lameness. I have less time on weekdays to write, I am doing the reviews for Publishers Weekly, and in general I am not focused on this site at the moment.

Will try to be better. I have a Dust Jacket post for Monday and a Re-Read that I am trying to get finished. So there are things to come.

The big problem is that the books I am reading are mostly for the reviews. And I can't talk about them here. So I can't write the posts about what I'm reading in context with larger things. Because of contracts, etc.

Which is lame. But is a real thing.

I can tell you what books I have reviewed and link to those reviews, so I will:

Life Form by Amelie Nothomb (good)
The Average American Marriage by Chat Kultgen (I tore this one apart)
La Boutique Obscure: 124 Dreams by Georges Perec (how do you review a 40-year-old book?)
Mary Coin by Marisa Silver (out March 7th - read this book NOW)
Sightings by B. J. Hollars (out March 21st - review coming soon)

I also interviewed Marisa Silver. She was a kind and gracious interviewee and answered this amateur's questions beautifully. I will try to link to it when it comes up.

This turned into a very ME post. But I feel like I got the cobwebs out of here. It's good to touch base, even if it feels narcissistic and silly. Keeps you honest or something.

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