23 October 2009


90s (10/22)

1990 was 19 years ago and it feels lost - feels like an end
There is something coming? - something

I stand at the corner of 13th and 6th and watch people
going into the bagel place
I wonder what kind of fresh hell this is

I know that slowly my body conspires to turn against me
I bullet - racing just as everyone else - towards death
I make some gesture at longevity - page immortality - I take vitamins
I make metallic balloons and then conspire ways to pop them

I am the sun - I repeat myself too often to actually be immortal
Those that survive say everything once

This flower will barely prepare its nectar - and a bee - if any are left
will only just be able to make out the sex from across the fields - if there are any left

If I call this square I stand on perfection - this watching the bagel square
Does it make perfection real

I leave it to the waves - which are coming - if the movies are to be believed
I leave nothing to myself -

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