25 October 2009


I've discovered it is very hard for me to update on the days I work late...I will get better at this.

Rachis (10/25)

from each finger tip a spine - a jab
hollow - that fills with ink

I become a sparrow - soot covered flapping
making a dust bath of this bowl

there are spots spreading over my wings
darkening - alphabets appear on feathers

in the wind some
leaves unlatch

only the yellowing
of paper and skies

acknowledges that
some passing occurred

each spine is a detuned plucking - filling
the room with unnamable noise

with the sounds of trees - wind in trees
each pinion is bone on concrete

these spots - spreading - burn holes
iron-filled red - each a whisper

they flap incessantly about the room
they cannot understand their own language

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