17 October 2009


Performance (10/17)

They wear top hats with peacock feathers and do the Volta
After wards retire to the loft of some Bernard and smoke till the windows curl
They read Apollonaire out loud and talk about the New York School like churches
There are Banksy's on the walls and frames with nothing in them
Here they all sleep on piles of red velvet blankets in footie pajamas
Their asses hang out they make toast over kerosene camp stoves int he bathroom
It's all so tre so something ambient and adorable
They powder themselves and pretend to be fops while sunning on a roof
Breeches and high heeled in the park in late October they eat ironic hot dogs
They talk in isms and manage a smile only for Facebook
So wonderfully tedious and so beautifully perfect - let's raise our glasses
Everyone - put your hand on the pubis and lift now -
no -

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