23 October 2009

Flummery at BAM

Yes, another late post yesterday. I was sad.
I went to BAM for "Songs of Ascension" by Meridith Monk.
And it was kinda dull and pretentious.

Which is what this is about, in a way.
How does it relate to "flummery"?
Well...I guess in my mind pretension is bland, like oatmeal. And it's always nonsense.

Flummery (10/23)

His honor is still king - prancing nakedly
going on about how it was back in the day

The always melting yet never melted deity whispers
'I paid for all of this with borrowed money'

There is laughter - sudden quiet - then a band
Waltzing Matilda - and the boat sinks on the horizon

Because the best parties happen on boats
The best parties happen as the world ends

They always slink over the red line of the sunset
Never coming back into view once twilight takes hold

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