03 October 2009

Architecture ain't just buildings folks

I am a fan of fashion and architecture. Call me shallow but beautiful things make me feel good. I especially love when the two come together somehow. Structure in fabric, art in buildings...wonderful stuff.

The Atelier Versace fall 09 collection is both of these things. Click that link at look hard at the structure in the fabric. The cut-outs. Everything. The way the clothes form to the body and then suddenly fall away into air.

The green dress I included above obviously looks Chrystler Building-ish but there a re a few there with tiny details that remind me of buttresses and staircases and all sorts of building elements. Not to mention that they are all just awesome to look at.

If I were a rich woman with a perfect body I would wear all of these daily.


Side Note :
I linked to Tom and Lorenzo's blog. I stole those images from them. They are hilarious guys who post about fashion. The blog started life as a Project Runway fan deal and has evolved into a forum for world-wide fashion critique. Interesting place to get a dose of interesting fashion images.

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